Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to buy expensive toner?
No, you don’t. Included in your monthly rental price is toner, which we send to you when your printer tells us that your toner is low.

What if I print more pages per year?
We offer extra page packages with all of our printers. Alternately you can print at an attractive rate per page.

What happens at the end of my rental term?
You can continue to rent your printer from us, you can upgrade your printer, or you can return the printer to us.

What happens if my printer stops working?
Contact our technical support (514) 745-5678 or email >>here<<.

How much does servicing cost?
Full servicing is included in your monthly rental fee, subject to terms and conditions..

Can change/upgrade my printer before the rental term is over?
Yes. Contact us for more details about your account and to find out what offers are available.